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What this means

Important Information

The Social Security Administration allows you to replace, update, or change your Social Security Card free of charge.

We are not affiliated with the SSA, however we can assist in the process. The SS-5 application and instructions are 5 pages long. The fields required change depending on the circumstances. Different supporting documents must be included, even the location you need to file with changes.

You can research all this on your own for free, or you can choose our value-added service to do so for you. See our fee calculator for exact pricing for this service.

Using our proprietary online form, you will receive a prepared application document and customized filing instructions on exactly how, when, and what local SSA office to file with to request your Social Security Card. You always retain control of your sensitive documents, and submit them directly to the SSA. The SSA will then mail your supporting documents and new card directly to you.

Reasons you might need this service

[Begin]  Starting a new job
[Begin]  Opening a bank account
[Begin]  Applying for government benefits
[Begin]  Replacing a lost or damaged card
[Begin]  Name change due to marriage
[Begin]  Name change due to divorce
[Begin]  Birth of a child
[Begin]  Change of immigration status

What to expect from this service

 Questions are based on your situation
 Application document is prepared for you
 Receive customized filing instructions
 Knowledgeable and courteous staff
 We work on your behalf
 Order from your home or office

Estimated completion time of our online form is less than five minutes. Social Security Numbers are nine digits long and replacement cards will reflect your existing number.