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What is the SimpleFilings service fee?

Personal Tax Extension Filing Service

Please click here to use our fee calculator to view our service fee for e-filing your extension. Our service fee is separate from any tax payment that you choose to make to the IRS.

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What do I do with my Form 4868? If you process an extension application through our website, we will e-file it with the IRS.Then if you decide to make an extension payment to the IRS by check or money order, you will need to print a...
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How can I contact SimpleFilings? You can e-mail us by using the...
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What happens if I don't pay my estimated balance due to the IRS now? You do not need to make any payment to the IRS to get a filing extension. However, tax extensions do not extend the time that you have to pay your taxes. They only extend the time you have to file ...
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What is the due date for requesting a personal tax extension? The due date for requesting a filing extension is the regular due date of your return. For most individuals, this means April 18, 2018...
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