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What if I get a notice of non-acceptance from the IRS?

S-Corporation Election Filing Service

Within 60 days of submission of an S-Corporation election filing to the IRS, the IRS should mail you a notice of the acceptance or non-acceptance. If they indicate non-acceptance, they will usually also indicate why, and it could be for any number of reasons.

You may have not yet completed your incorporation filing at the state level, which is a separate, pre-requisite filing. You may have failed to provide some required information. You may have accidentally have mis-typed some information. Or you may not have signed immediately, causing the effective date you requested on your application to then fall outside of the acceptable range of dates.

In most circumstances, corrections are possible. Simply amend your IRS form 2553 as necessary and resubmit it to the IRS. For help, feel free to contact us. And note that you are even able to file IRS form 2553 with your first IRS form 1120S tax return. Upon any resubmission however, note that you may need to additionally complete the notes section on page 1 of IRS form 2553, under sections H and I.

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