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What steps are involved in the formation filing?

LLC Formation or Incorporation Filing Service

While the steps involved in an LLC Formation or Incorporation filing vary for each state, the main steps are usually:
• Complete and submit the LLC Formation or Incorporation Application on this site.
• We review the provided information, research existing name usage where applicable, and prepare the required government paperwork. We send the prepared paperwork to you via fax, e-mail, or mail for your review and signature(s).
• Sign and return the documents to us for filing.
• We file all necessary papers with the applicable agency and submit payment for fees to them on your behalf.
• We monitor the status of the filing and once complete, we coordinate any required publishing and submit payment to the publications on your behalf.
• We send you a record of the successful filing and any publication documents for your records.

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Where is my LLC formation or incorporation filed? These filings are at the state level, typically with the Secretary of State's office. Some states also require publication of an announcement of the LLC Formation or Incorporation in specific ...
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Do I need to complete the formation filing before I can begin doing business as "LLC" or "Inc."? Yes. If you haven't successfully filed an LLC Formation or Incorporation, your business is not an LLC or Corporation so your business name cannot contain "LLC" or "Inc." Likewise, most banks will not ...
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