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Entity Classification Election Filing Service

We are experienced at the document preparation and filing process for Entity Classification Elections. We turn what can be an otherwise complicated and confusing filing into a smooth and simple experience. During the process you can view your order status online or utilize e-mail or phone support to be updated as often as you like for no extra charge. And ultimately, we get you back to focusing on your core business faster.

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Does a filing expire? Once an Entity Classification Election is accepted by the IRS, it stays in effect until it is changed, terminated, or revoked...
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What is pass-through taxation? Pass-through taxation refers to the taxation of business entities like S-Corporations, many LLCs, General Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships, whereby the business pays no income tax. Instead all ...
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What is the SimpleFilings service fee? Please visit our Fee Calculator to view the flat fee for our document preparation and filing service for the Entity Classification Election filing service...
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What types of entities make this election? Eligible Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), partnerships, sole proprietorships, and foreign entity types can make this election with the IRS. But the document preparation and filing service we offer ...
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