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Why is receiving my Federal Tax ID taking longer than expected?

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service

There are various issues that could lead to the delay of a Federal Tax ID, but most of them have solutions. If you believe your filing is taking longer than expected, please review this article for help.

First please visit the Existing Customers page to view the current status of your order. Often, if there is a specific issue requiring your attention, it will be noted there.

Some possibilities to consider:

  • Have you provided your signature to us on the SS-4 form that we prepared after you submitted payment? This signature is necessary to comply with IRS regulations, and you can provide it in one of two ways. The recommended method is a fast and secure electronic signature which you can provide right on our site. Or you can print the form to sign by hand and then fax or mail it back to us. To access both signature options, go to the Existing Customers page.
  • Have you been watching the inbox of the e-mail address you provided with your order? Sometimes the IRS requires clarification and/or additional information before issuing an ID, and if that is the case, we will attempt to contact you by e-mail. For example, a marital name change may cause an SSN mis-match. Or the IRS may request verification of the proper business registration of your business. We can help you work through those issues.
  • Have you checked the Spam/Bulk/Blocked folder of your e-mail? Sometimes the e-mails we send to you are routed there by accident. Look for any e-mails sent to you from us and mark them as Not Spam to move them to your inbox. Remember that we send all correspondence to you by e-mail, including the delivery of your Federal Tax ID.
  • Are you sure you typed your e-mail address correctly when placing your order? To verify that we have your e-mail address correct, please Contact Us.
  • Usually, your EIN is delivered within 24 hours of providing your signature. However in a limited number of cases, the IRS may take from 3 to 10 business days to issue an EIN, without providing us with any explanation why. We suspect that the following can be contributing factors:
    • An ITIN is submitted instead of an SSN.
    • The name of the entity is common enough that there is another entity in the same state with the same name, or a very similar name.
    • The IRS suspects for any reason that the entity already has an EIN.
    • The Responsible Party for the entity is a parent company whose EIN was originally filed online.

    If any of these situations happen to your order, and you requested expedited processing, please understand that we still process your order with priority over all standard processing orders.

    If you have any additional questions, please please Contact Us. Our job is to make the application process as painless and easy to understand as possible, and to help you work through any and all issues.

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