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Why choose SimpleFilings over working directly with the IRS?

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service

We realize at SimpleFilings that you have choices. You can work directly with the IRS to research, file for, and obtain your EIN for no charge, so we work hard to earn your business. Following are some of the unique features and benefits of our service, that you will not get when working directly with the IRS. We think you'll find that our service fee is money well spent.

1) Our website collects all information necessary to apply for an EIN in one simple page. IRS.gov by contrast is a huge government website which can make it difficult to find the information you're looking for. And even once you find their online EIN application process, you'll find that it can comprise many separate pages for a single application. Our website gets you in and out quicker, in fewer pages and plainer language, while still giving you all the information you need.

2) Banks and other entities sometimes require an SS-4 document with the EIN populated to the EIN field in the upper right hand corner of the document, as part of proof of an Employer Identification Number. The IRS EIN online application process provides an EIN confirmation notice, but it does not provide a prepared SS-4. Our service can provide you with both at no additional cost.

3) The IRS online EIN application system is only available from 6am to 9pm Central Time, Monday to Friday, for a total of 75 hours per week. Our online process is available 24/7 to better accommodate your schedule. In other words, we have more than twice the uptime of the IRS website, to receive and process your order at your convenience.

4) Some applications cannot be process through the IRS online EIN application system, and must instead be filed through an IRS phone/fax or mail-in process. This is something that we conduct on your behalf. We take care of waiting 30-45 minutes on hold for an IRS agent to file your order. To you, the process always remains quick, convenient, and online.

5) Like the IRS, we provide full-time phone support, but unlike the IRS, we also provide full-time e-mail support for those that prefer to communicate via e-mail, even on weekends. Our customer care team is highly experienced in EIN filings and is eager to assist you.

6) Often times, obtaining an EIN is the first step in getting a new business or other entity up and running. The IRS will sent you elsewhere to figure out the next steps, such as your state's secretary of state office for LLC formation, and/or your county government office for business name registration. SimpleFilings on the other hand can be your single point of contact for all of these tasks. We offer a whole suite of document preparation and filing services to simplify the life of today's small business person.

7) Additionally, when SimpleFilings has obtained an EIN for a customer, that information is available for them to securely access anytime online. This is a frequently used feature of our service in tax season, or when a past customer is filling out loan paperwork, or a business credit card application, even a COSTCO application. Basically, anytime a past customer loses their EIN paperwork or does not have it readily on-hand when they need it, they can quickly and securely retrieve it via our website. This is not something the IRS provides online. Someone can call the IRS to be reminded of their EIN number, but as stated above, hold times of 30-45 minutes for IRS agents are not uncommon.

These are a few of the reasons you might choose SimpleFilings. We work hard to add unique value in as many different ways as possible. Please contact us with any questions, and we look forward to assisting you.

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