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What is the filing process?

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service

We've developed a custom one-page online form to collect the information needed to prepare your SS-4 application document. It will ask only the questions needed for your unique filing situation, based on the information you provide. Estimated completion time is no longer than 5 minutes, and the form is secured for your privacy. Then we prepare your SS-4 document and obtain your signature on it, authorizing us to work with the Internal Revenue Service to acquire your Federal Tax ID on your behalf. We will deliver your Tax ID within the time frame you select on the checkout page, after you have provided your signature on your prepared SS-4. Sometimes as a result of the filing process we find out that clarification and/or more information is required from you, and if that is the case we will contact you by e-mail.

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I'm a sole proprietor on my second new business. Why can I not get a new Federal Tax ID? A Sole Proprietor can have as many different businesses as they want for as long or as short as they want, but the Internal Revenue Service will only issue one Federal Tax ID for all of them. For ...
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