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How do I update basic information that I originally submitted on my Federal Tax ID application?

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service

If you haven't provided your signature on the prepared SS-4 yet, simply contact us to update your application information. We will prepare another SS-4 and provide it to you for your review and signature.

If you have provided your signature, your Federal Tax ID is already on the way if you haven't received it already. Options for updating information now are:

• When you receive your official documents in the mail within 15 days of signing, you can hand write corrections and mail them back to the address provided.

• If you have had your ID for a while and wish to change your address, we can help you file form 8822, Change of Address, with the Internal Revenue Service.

• If you have had your ID for a while and wish to change your business name, you must mail a request to the Internal Revenue Service at the address where you file your tax return. The request must be signed by an authorized individual in the business and additionally, businesses that had to file their creation with a state like LLCs and Corporations must include a copy of the Articles of Amendment or equivalent which was filed with the state that authorized the name change.

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