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Do I need a Federal Tax ID?

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service

Federal Tax IDs apply to many different groups, including:
• Individuals/Sole Proprietors
• Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
• Corporations
• S-Corporations
• Partnerships
• Trusts
• Estates
• Non-Profits
• Other employers and business entity types

Generally, if any of the following are true you will need to acquire a Federal Tax ID:
• You need to pay business taxes.
• You have one or more employees.
• You want to open a business bank account.
• You want to start a line of business credit.
• You form an LLC, Corporation, or Partnership.
• You change from one business entity type to another such as from an Individual/Sole Proprietor to an LLC.
• You are starting a Keogh Plan, also known as a Self-Employed Pension.
• You want to bid for a federal government contract.

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