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Someone is claiming that my Federal Tax ID isn't valid. What do I do?

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service

We're sorry that you are experiencing this issue.
• First, check for typos. It's a long number (9 digits, such as 12-3456789) and accidental typos when transcribing it are not uncommon.

• Second, remember that your ID can be used immediately for most of your business needs. However it can take up to 15 days before your ID becomes part of the Internal Revenue Service's permanent records. And you must wait until that occurs before you can file an electronic tax return, make an electronic tax payment, or pass a Taxpayer Identification Number matching program such as some banks and credit/loan offices use.

• Third, we have seen an issue before where some banks (especially smaller ones), are using antiquated software which gets Federal Tax IDs mixed up with Social Security Numbers. If you have waited past the 15 days from receiving the ID and seem to be having this issue, please contact us.

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