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Does an LLC or corporation need to file a DBA?

DBA (Doing Business As) Filing Service

Yes, the laws requiring DBA registration extend to LLCs and Corporations. If the company conducts business under any name other than the exact legal name that appears on the LLC's or Corporation's formation documents, they are required to register it as a DBA. "Conducting business" can include marketing materials, letterhead, business cards, etc. in addition to actual business transactions. Also, banks generally require a DBA registration prior to opening a business bank account or establishing a line of credit.

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Why else should I file a DBA? Aside from the importance of legal compliance, another important reason to register a DBA is financial purposes. Banks will generally only allow you to open an account under your one official legal ...
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What is a DBA? DBA stands for "Doing Business As" and is an official, public registration of a business name with either the state or local jurisdiction. DBAs are sometimes called "Fictitious Names", "Assumed Names...
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Do I need to register a DBA before I can begin doing business with it? In most cases, state and local jurisdictions require a DBA to be filed prior to transacting business with it. But in some jurisdictions, a DBA filing is required within a specific period of time of ...
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