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What steps are involved in the Change of Address filing?

Change of Address (IRS) Filing Service

To use our document preparation and filing service:
• Complete and submit the Change of Address (IRS) Application on this site.
• We prepare IRS form 8822 and provide it for your review and signature.
• Sign the document. In the case of a couple filing jointly, both spouses must sign.
• We mail the document to the IRS. Which IRS office we mail it to is determined by the old address you provide on your filing.
• Some documents can take the IRS 60 days to process, and you may not receive a confirmation from the IRS for this filing. But if you would like to follow up with them, please wait 60 days before calling 800-829-4933.
• Take care to separately inform any other applicable agencies of your new address, such as the post office, state taxation agencies, etc. This filing is only to update the IRS's records.

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Does my business need to have a Federal Tax ID before I file to change its address? Yes, a Federal Tax ID is required to use this filing to change a business's address in the IRS's records. Also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a Federal Tax ID is like a Social ...
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Who all does this filing change my address with? This service is for a filing that updates your address with the federal Internal Revenue Service only. There is no known single address change filing that will update your address in everyone's ...
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