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I want to update the address for my Federal Tax ID (EIN). How do I do that?

Change of Address (IRS) Filing Service

Federal Tax IDs are issued by the IRS, and the 8822 is the document to file to update their addresses. To use our service to prepare and file the 8822, click here.

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What if I or my spouse have also changed our names due to marriage, divorce, etc.?
This can be done in one order. Simply select the option to change both on our form, and the resulting 8822 document will serve to change both addresses...
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Remember that this filing only updates your address with the IRS. You may also want to update your address with other federal, state, and local agencies, which you must do separately...
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Simply enter the prior name(s) where asked for on the application. Also, remember that you must separately notify any other agencies that you wish to inform of your name change, such as the Social ...
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