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What this means

Are you researching a charge on your credit card or bank statement?

If the charge has the phone number 866-288-7612 next to it, you've found the answer, because that's our number.

We are SimpleFilings.com, an independent web-based document preparation and filing service. We work for you to simplify various government documents and tax-related filings.

You or one of your family members or business associates have likely used one of our services. For your convenience, our services are listed below, and each one is linked to a page with more information about it.

You can find information about your order in particular by visiting our Customer Help page. You will need your Transaction ID, which can be found on a receipt or order confirmation e-mail that would have been received from an @SimpleFilings.com address, such as support@SimpleFilings.com or taxid@SimpleFilings.com.

If you can't locate your Transaction ID, or don't remember placing an order, please contact us. You already have our phone number, and you can find additional options for contacting us in our Contact Us page.

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Central Time, excluding holidays, and we look forward to assisting you.