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Who all does this filing change my address with?

Why would I want to update my address with the IRS?

I want to update the address for my Federal Tax ID (EIN). How do I do that?

Why use SimpleFilings?

What steps are involved in the Change of Address filing?

What if I want to change both my home and business addresses?

I'm a sole proprietor with a Federal Tax ID (EIN) for my sole proprietorship. I want to update both the home address tied to me as an individual, and the business address tied to my sole proprietorship. How do I do this?

What if I want to change both my business mailing address and my business location address?

What if I also want this to affect the address of children in my home who file tax returns?

What if I am a representative wanting to sign on behalf of another taxpayer?

Are there any address formatting requirements?

What if I or my spouse have also changed our names due to marriage, divorce, etc.?

Does my business need to have a Federal Tax ID before I file to change its address?

How long does the Change of Address filing take?

What is the SimpleFilings service fee?

How do I get started with the filing process?

How do I check the status of my order?

How can I contact SimpleFilings?

What happens after my order is complete?