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How do I order a birth certificate or replacement birth certificate?

How much does it cost to order a birth certificate?

If I choose to use your site, how long before I receive my certified birth certificate?

Are the birth certificates obtained by www.SimpleFilings.com legal birth certificates?

Is it still possible to obtain a birth certificate if the hospital in which the applicant was born is no longer in existence?

Is it possible to make corrections if I notice a mistake on a birth certificate once I receive it?

What if I encounter problems when attempting to order a birth certificate from your site?

I would rather request my birth certificate over the phone, rather than ordering online. Is this a possibility?

I'm trying to order a birth certificate for my dependent and they do not have an identification card or a driver's license, how do I complete their order?

Do I need to be home to sign for the ordered birth certificate when it is delivered?

Is the personal information I supply to www.SimpleFilings.com secure?

What happens if the state does not have a birth record for the applicant attempting to order a birth certificate?

Who can order a birth certificate?

How can I check the status of my order?

I submitted my information but not the checkout page. Why do I see my information pre-populated on the application page now?

What does "Certified" mean?

What does "Notarized" mean?

How and where can I get a document notarized?