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Replace a lost social security card, or apply for a new or corrected card. Use our Application Preparation Service.

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Learn about various topics including the filing process for new cards, and how to get professional help with it.
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Applying for a new, replacement, updated, or corrected Social Security Card requires a number supporting evidence documents such as a driver's license. The SSA specifically requires those evidence ...
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Upon completion of your order, SimpleFilings will e-mail you a link to a secure page containing your prepared SS-5 application document, as well as customized filing instructions that will explain ...
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SimpleFilings provides document preparation services nationwide. We are Better Business Bureau-accredited and McAfee-certified. Our proprietary industry-leading software helps us to complete your ...
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The SS-5 is a free application from the Social Security Administration for a Social Security Card. It is a multi-purpose form that needs to be filled out differently for different application ...
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