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Base Price $318 $457 $585
Entity Type
Included Services
Name Availability Check
Document Preparation and Filing
Shipping and Publication Fees Paid
Trade Publication
Customer Service
Included Extras
Corporate Kit and Seal
Federal Tax ID (EIN) Filing
Additional Options
DBA (Doing Business As) Filing +$0 +$0 +$0
Entity Classification Election +$0 +$0 +$0
3rd Party Registered Agent Service +$120 +$120 +$120
Expedited Processing +$0 +$0 +$50
Rush Processing +$50 +$50 +$149
State Fees +$72 +$72 +$72
Estimated Total $390 $529 $657

Why form an LLC or Incorporate?

Which entity type is best for my business – LLC or corporation?

Are there any tax issues?

What is an S-Corporation?

Where is my LLC formation or incorporation filed?

Are any words prohibited in the business name I choose?

What is a Registered Agent?

Does a formation filing expire?

Do I need to complete the formation filing before I can begin doing business as "LLC" or "Inc."?

What steps are involved in the formation filing?

What are the publication requirements?

Do I need a Federal Tax ID (EIN) before forming my LLC or incorporating?

When do I need to obtain a Federal Tax ID (EIN)?

How long does it take to complete an LLC formation or incorporation filing?

Can an LLC formation or incorporation filing be expedited?

Why use SimpleFilings to form my LLC or corporation?

What is the SimpleFilings service fee?

How do I get started with the filing process?

How do I check the status of my order?

How can I contact SimpleFilings?

What happens after my order is complete?